Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Leo July 2020 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

LEO JULY - BEST READING FOR 2020 - (It starts out rough then changes)

Welcome to Leo for Leos, Sun Moon and Rising.  I'm a Leo as well so that's why the channel is called  Leo for Leos.  Cross Watchers and fellow readers are welcome However I do want to give you a heads-up that I read the cards as I see them and not always the way it's traditionally done.

Leo's are making a commitment to do something or to abide by a new concept or or idea.  There’s a new commitment happening. For some people it's actually like a marriage; actually performing the ceremony of being married.  But for most of the Leos it's really about making a commitment to something specific with a strong energy of getting things done concerning building a new future, building a new foundation for something that's like Legacy building. Empire building something that is going to reach far and wide and it's yeah it's it's one of those things I know that Leo's have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out. 

That is just the mode of 2020, figuring out how to create time to meditate and truly to truly derive the answers from your heart in and the world and you everything is creating this space for you to see things for what they really are.  That's all coming into place this year whereas 2019 was more about making a transformation to stand up for yourself and make the real changes this year.   It's just about getting in touch with your feelings, healing yourself and taking the reins and actually asking yourself: what do you want? 

Some people never know what they want.  Some people know exactly what they want.  Some people think that they know exactly what they want but they really don’t and are easily distracted.  

Settle yourself down somewhere close your eyes.  Just imagine the life that you want.  If you have it already how can you preserve it or how can you dive deeper into the things that you love?

So there's a commitment to getting things done and getting it done right, getting it done in a fashion that really feels like it's connecting to your soul and dreams.  There's a sense of freshness in the air in July, something hopeful like the revelation of something that maybe you didn't realize.  It could be a secret revealed or it could just be an idea revealed to you.  

You're discovering ways to be a little bit more frugal.  You're finding loopholes to get your hands on some money or save money.  It's definitely about career and trying to get your hands on as much money as possible, but not in a creepy way, but just as a means to an end.   You're getting ideas of how to handle and manage money better and there's going to be some discipline about this whole thing.  We're not going to spend money on garbage, we going to spend our money investing back into yourself.  It is the supreme version of self-love.  This is very very big and there's a discipline to it.  Leo's are like no no we need these pennies to buy a printer.  We need these pennies for the projects that we're working on. I'm getting the Leo's are getting their hands on money and they're saving what they can.

Resist your your temptation and reap the rewards by having that success that you're looking for. It's about being the lord and master of your money finances and even like being like the CEO of a business.  Everything they touch grows.  It's a sign of a growing business or a growing career. You’re waiting for things to grow, but you're aware that the growth is coming and you're working hard to get there.   You’re building a library of products or a library of work or projects that you put on a resume and they're all fabulous.

You're waiting for your customers or waiting for the word to get out and for people to hear about the stuff that you're doing.  For some of you, you may be even waiting for your boss to notice you're a killer on the team.    There could possibly be a raise or a promotion on the way. You are so determined.

There may be a feeling of feeling trapped that creeps in. This is something that kind of shows up every once in a while.   Don’t be distracted.  You're on the right path.  You're moving towards the goal that you've been working on.  Success is not far away it's just not here yet and you're working on it.   Hustle while everyone else isn't.

The hardest part is going to be relationships.  There isn't the balance between the commitment to do all of this stuff that you're doing for work and maybe you've kind of pushed relationships to the side.  That could be something that comes off very unpleasing to others. They feel neglected a little bit and you know how they feel.   You see what's happening with these relationships. This is a clear thing that you can see.

You're trying to balance it and come up with a formula so you can have a social life and also get your work done.   This is something that you can clearly see and you're aware of.  You're aware of your dark side and you want to fix them. 

Leos are going to say goodbye to something that you cared about a lot.  The change will work in your favor.   This is a confirmation that you know the path that you're on is a path that can come out of walking away from something that isn't working. Everything that doesn't work or you're trying to fix it and it's still not fixable, the universe is giving you permission to walk away from in order for you to have happiness.

Your future is in your hands and you are the one that is in control of it.   It's just about being creative and figuring out how deeply you can get involved in your work and getting things done. How good it can feel for you?  How good would it feel to do something you truly love doing for a living?   How good would it feel to truly do the things that you love to do without having to deal with some of the other things you might face, without any of the downsides, without having to worry about money? 

There is a sense of newness and freshness about July!  You finish out the month strong because of course we're coming into Leo season. Happy birthday to Leos born in July!  Leo season brings freshness!

Angel Answers message:
Listen to your intuition!  “Your intuition is completely reliable and accurate at this time.  Listen to your own inner guidance and you can't go wrong. You can be certain that the messages that you're receiving from your angels are real and trustworthy.  Have faith in your feelings about the circumstances you're experiencing your insights into other people and their true feelings or motives are perfectly accurate.  There is no need to question what you know is true.”

Many blessings to my awesome Leo's!